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                                                    About Yvonne

                                   Social Enterprise-Not for Profit.

Personal & Community Engagement Arts/Therapeutic Heritage Projects for Well-being.

                        Oral History Research, Storytelling, Music & Drama.

  Having enjoyed several years working as a Ward Sister and being involved in nurse education & medical research at Aberdeen Hospitals I moved to Moray. I decided to return to study the arts which I have always enjoyed. I love working with people and since graduating have had a wide variety of experiences in museums, theatre and even with an archaeology team. I have met many interesting, lovely people along the way with whom I enjoy collaborating in order to create a project.

   As I very much miss nursing the obvious academic area for me to specialise in is Oral History Research and Storytelling. I enjoy listening to people and if their stories & memories are not recorded they will be lost through time. Everyone has a story to tell and I enjoy listening and writing. My aim is to place a story in a context or cradle of history.

    I work with a Song Writing Collaborative and strive to find the best music to enhance any project I am working on. Music can evoke a mood or elaborate a theme where words alone fail.


    I am PVG registered and adhere to all informed consent, copyright and ethical protocols. I respect confidentiality and consider it important to fully discuss aspects of any project with participants.



                                  Arts:- BA (Hons) Lit,  BA (Hons) Hist,  Dip. Cr. Writ.,  Dip. Music.                                                                   World Archaeology Level 2

                            Nursing:- RGN. Dip Nursing.(Soc/Psych.) Dip. Palliative Care/Oncology.F




A Bridge Across Time and A Bridge To The Future.

NHS Grampian

by Yvonne M.Findlay

June 10, 2003

    A historical account of Aberdeen's poorhouses and the development of the National Health Service at Woodend Hospital. Incorporating historical documents, photographs and personal accounts of life in the poorhouse, and accounts from the hospital care during the world wars and as a TB unit in the 1930's. Includes an account, compiled at time of writing, of modern multidisciplinary services...


A prospective study of factors associated with duration of stay.

Age and Ageing. Vol 27 Supp 2 p60
September 1998

P.F. Findlay, W.R.Primrose, Y.M. Gibbons, D.G Seymour

Y. M. Findlay in maiden name of Y.M.Gibbons


Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination:patient perceptions.

Age and Ageing. Vol 27 Supp 2 p60
November 1998
  • 2 authors
    • Yvonne M. Findlay
      Yvonne M. Findlay
      Historical researcher/writer at Creative Visions (Moray)
    • No photo
      P.F.Findlay, Y.M Gibbons,(Y. M. Findlay in maiden name) W. R. Primrose, G. Ellis, G. Downie

Pictorial outcome measures for the hospital care of older patients.

Age and Ageing. Vol 30: 27-32
December 2001

Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccination.

Postgraduate Medical Journal
  • 2 authors
    • Yvonne M. Findlay
      Yvonne M. Findlay
      Historical researcher/writer at Creative Visions (Moray)
    • No photo
      P.F. Findlay, Y. M. Gibbons (Y.M. Findlay in maiden name) W.R. Primrose.


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